Thursday, 11 February 2016

No word to describe

They asked describe her, i had her picture running through my mind 24 by 7. I had my attention specially on her nose.
Nose when you think about that, every individual has an unique nose. They shape our face as our face is, they are sharp, seductive and wanting to be watched.
The moment i saw her i was lost in her nose and when my friend asked about her i told them all about her nose. Friend commented, "Man he has a fetish for nose".
I was wondering how can they not notice those beautiful noses people have, and few jokes were cracked about my thoughts for noses.

Akshay replied did u jinx my ex's nose that she left me and many more comments, some were funny some were vulgar too. It was that evening we couldn't forget as that day our friendship was tested.
We all were trying to have some fun but we dindnt know when we went out of control. There was a cycle around the corner of Akshay's building which we used to take when we wanted to make an urgent trip to local stores.
That day we were in urgent need and we found that the cycle was locked, this pissed all of us. I was too short tempered that time that i went into my cousins home got a rounder from geometry box and punctured both the cycle tires which resulted in a busting sound.
Resulted in Akshay getting caught by that cycle owner, somehow rest escaped that place. That owner called on Akshays mother and there was huge argument going on, and we entered the scene as of we didn't know anything about it. We all knew that because of my mistake what Akshay was going through, and me i was thinking what if he rats about me and than everyone would blame me and i would be restricted from entering their complex even my cousins staying there would be brought to huge contradiction because of my consequences.
These were the thought going in my head but than i couldn't see my friend going through the situation in which i should be in, I calmed myself and thought of confessing my guilt and free Akshay from all this.
As I moved forward to tell the truth, Akshay hand stopped me saying dont ruin this now and leave it to my mom you know she's a good debater around, indeed she was and somehow since i had thrown the rounder i used to punctured that cycle tires and that wasn't found case dismissed and all went home peacefully.
Next day morning i had come again there to play cricket with them as our summer vacation was going on, i got the news that last night Akshays dad had beaten him up real good and there my friend was still smiling and playing with me as nothing had happened at all.

That day i realized they are my true friend and i will go through every difficulties for them and never let them down and never break the trust we have in each other, been 15 years now though we are busy with our lives making it to the next level in our working field. We do discuss whenever we meet all the fun and all the mistakes we had done and there was always laughter in our midst.

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